Drawing on Cumbria at Keswick Museum and Art Gallery

30th May to 31st July 2023

Drawing on Cumbria is an exhibition of sketchbooks and works by Cumbrian artist David Boyd.

Together, they highlight David’s personal exploration and interpretation of the local landscape and its many familiar elements — from mountain landscapes and lakes to dog walkers, café dwellers and busy car parks. David’s creative process is rooted in drawing, sketching and painting en plein air in the Cumbrian landscape. Through this, David makes direct and authentic observations of the local environment and records these ideas both on canvas and within the pages of his many sketchbooks. While the intention of this exhibition is to document David’s unique view of Cumbria, it is also intended to inspire and encourage individuals to find their own personal perspectives of their local landscape – to not only draw on Cumbria for their own inspiration, but to discover the nature of drawing for themselves too.