Looking through a cloud of thorns

A LOCKDOWN JOURNAL 24-03-2020 to 12-04-2021

In ‘normal circumstances’ I spend a lot of time outdoors, painting Cumbrian landscapes, townscapes and seascapes ‘en plein air’. However, when the first lockdown commenced, the Covid 19 restrictions confined me to the boundaries of my house, studio and garden.
This gave me the opportunity to produce a series of larger studio paintings on canvas, developed from and informed by the many ‘en plein air’ paintings on paper made earlier in the year.
I also began to post a drawing a day on Facebook, most of which were a humorous response to the many activities suggested to help people through lockdown on social and other media platforms: Yoga, baking, enjoying the garden, tips for self-grooming etc. As my hair, beard, eyebrows, and toenails started to get unruly, I found some of these suggestions were helpful. Out of the many drawings I did, several paintings emerged.